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TrustyCharge Hand Crank Radio Flashlight

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Perfect for Any Emergency


In a weather-related emergency, there is nothing more useful than a survival radio and a hand-crank flashlight. With its limitless supply of power, you can listen to AM/FM and emergency weather radio alerts, as well as charge your devices.

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How? You can charge your device by plugging in the included USB cable, leaving it in the sun, or turning the hand crank. To charge your devices, plug in the included your USB cable into the adapters. To listen to the radio, extend the antenna, switch on the radio using the on/off dial. To use the flashlight, press the on/off button at the top of the device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Mark L.

This is great service!

John A.

I love it! For some reason it's smaller than I expected despite the fact that they do show the correct proportions in their images, but it doesn't matter, it delivers on all the features. Crank is easy to crank, the radio works great and the NOAA station is great especially for emergency times. I love that it can act as a phone charger. Don't know how well the solar works but it couldn't hurt to put it in the sun to charge. I love that this is also chargeable with a USB - I will likely charge it whenever a storm is coming. The LED light is much brighter than I expected, but it's not like those strong LED tactical flashlights - nothing like that, but unlike other inexpensive small flashlights it brightens up a dark area pretty strongly. More than enough light to help you get around or even to read with. I am thinking of buying more to give as gifts - I probably will, to be honest. I think everyone should have at least one so I will get them as Christmas gifts for my family.

Nicole C.

I'm as wilderness-loving as the next person, but I'm really worried of one day not having a working flashlight if a really bad earthquake hits. Now this is mainly for the scenario that I am able to get in my car and drive away from the tragedy. I could move this to my go-back if I need though.Pros: I will now have a flashlight and radio in my car no matter what!! Batteries could be hard to find in that kind of emergency, so this has solar power AND hand crank. It has clear instructions for the ratio of hand crank to light/radio/charge. I'm glad it doesn't just rely on solar power as well, because there could be times we don't get a lot of sunlight.Cons: The crank isn't silent. My partner was wondering what I was doing! It sounded like I was winding up a toy car. The radio is also pretty good, just don't expect the best quality in the world. I think my old 90's boom box is at this level, or better, on sound quality.

James W

I have yet to really crank it much or place it in the sun nor have I charged it. The flashlight still comes on easily and is bright. No not spotlight bright. Just enough to see what is going on around you and not pull a massive battery drain. It does not feel weak at all but logic what say to just take it easy when using the crank power. Nice even smooth strokes will do just fine. You don't have to crank it and get rough like and old steam engine haha. I love it and I am hard to please. Fits in my packs nicely. I have generators. I don't need a a radio to power 6 devices and do all crazy stuff. Got solar, crank, use battery to charge phones etc and get weather stations which are listed pretty easy. I live in tornado alley and sometimes the phone alerts and sirens just are not quick enough for tornado cell dropping from nowhere and you can't radio waves in a cellar better than cell anyways. Another plus, I caught in on a little sale!


I believe in prepping for the unexpected. A self powered radio and flashlight can be a great tool, and this quality is the best. Radio is easy to tune and use and sound is clear and crisp, the flashlight button is easy to press with no stiffness or issues. Flashlight works well past 30 feet and illuminates very well.The crank protrudes at an angle that makes it breezy to turn and not expend energy or straining of the hand.Battery lasts a good amount of time and is very simple to use.Highly recommended! 5 stars.


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