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Mini Sewing Machine

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Are you passionate about designing and sewing your own clothes wherever you go? 🪡​🧵​ then, we have got you! 

Our Mini Sewing Machine is the perfect little tool. It is convenient and stable for sewing, which is great for beginners. 

The built-in LED light offers a better vision of the working area and you could also easily adjust speeds with the H/L (high/low speed) buttons on the sewing machine. 

It can be powered in two ways; a power adaptor or four AA batteries.

It is convenient for sewing whether you're at home or traveling with friends or family. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Liz Buranich

I love this machine. My machine broke and i had to do 13 pillows i love this little sewing machine. It came prethreaded and had a nice sewing kit and little table with it. I do not sew all the time its actually been years since i have sewn anything, but this did a good job. The stich is basic but perfect for what i needed and the machine does not take alot of room which is great for storage. It is 100 percent a beginner sewing machine, but it did what i needed. On another note the color is super cute.

Maurine Mooney

I was an accomplished seamstress many years ago. After my Singer sewing machine broke, I decided not to have it replaced as I had very little that needed mending as the family moved away, and fixed everything by hand. I decided to buy this product for a special small project and was very, very happy with the way it operated. It is easy to use with the foot pedal and fixed my project professionally. I liked the idea of the many colored bobbins and thread that can with it for different projects. I would recommend this product.

Leona Wade

This little guys is super cute. I use to have a hand stitcher, but everytime I used it I had to make adjustments and I typically found that there was no solution in fixing the tension. I decided to get this mini one. Now if you like to sew, I would not suggest this. It doesn't back stitch, or at least I have not found how to go backwards yet. But if you like to do small projects, like I do, then this is more than enough. I find ways to lock the stitching by rotating the fabric to create the "back stitch".


I have minimal experience with sewing machines, so I was looking for one that does simple sewing tasks to fix my clothing, hem my skirts, etc. I'm not an avid seamstress of any sort, so I also didn't want to spend a huge amount of money of a machine that would seldom be used. This machine perfectly matches what I was seeking. It is compact, lightweight, and gives the user options. It comes with a small table to feed the fabric through that folds up and can be stored easily. It can has the option of using the machine via AC/DC power supply or can be battery operated using 4 AA batteries (not included). You can run the machine by pressing the power button or use of the included foot pedal. There is small light on the sewing machine that you also have the option to turn on, if needed (see 4th photo). It comes with everything to get you started...a variety of various thread colors with matching colored bobbins already wound, scissors, a thimble, tape measure, stitch ripper, needle threader, extra sewing machine needles, empty bobbins, and a dust bag for the machine when not in use (see 5th photo). All items are of fair quality but goes hand-in-hand with the price point. Instructions provided for setup and use are clear and easy to understand. Would highly recommend for beginners or those looking for a simple machine that only requires basic sewing needs!


I have grown up with short, mini sessions on sewing, but always with my grandmother's guidance and assistance, never on my own. I wanted to start sewing on my own so I could mend torn clothes and hopefully move on to bigger projects. My boyfriend bought this as an early Christmas present for me, and I think it's utterly adorable.The machine is very compact and light weight. It comes with a black bag that everything (including the little machinel can fit in. I would personally be careful in transporting it. Since I haven't had it very long, I can't atest for the durability of the bag or machine as of yet, but it's a nice concept of your going on a trip to be able to bring everything you need for sewing. It can either be plugged in or used with 4 AA batteries (not included).I would definitely read through the manual before using the machine because it is slightly different than any I have ever used before. The instructions are a bit confusing just because it assumes you have to thread the whole machine, but mine already came set up. The bottom and side bobbins were already in placed and placed up. This video really helped me get a good understanding of the machine: The lady knows her stuff and has other helpful videos in specific relation to this machine. These videos honestly helped me more than the instructions- I am a visual learner, though.It came with everything depicted on the box: a sewing table/stand, power cord, foot pedal, extra bobbins, thread, scissors, etc. Even though the quality isn't the greatest, it will do it job.. and hey remember, it's for beginners, so the better threads should be saved for when you really get the hang of it. There are some limitations on fabrics you can use with this machine (i.e. wool and silk are not good to use). It's super small and so are the needles. Certain fabrics just arent going to work for this. This is covered in the manual.There are a couple things I wish were different. I'm really sad this machine can't go in reverse. It's not the end of the world; it's just a bit more work. The power cord is nice, I just wish it was a few inches longer. This is mainly because of the set up of my room, though, not because the cord is considerablyshort. The little light is nice, but it isn't too helpful. It's more of a soft glow, which is easy on the eyes, but it's not very great in really being able to see well for threading or sewing without an additional light source.Overall, I am giving this 5 stars. I think it's a great beginners sewing machine. It seems like it's going to be a good lesson in grasping the basics on one's own. I went ahead and included a picture if a pillow I made on my first go at the machine. It's made from an old shirt I had...and it came out really lumpy. Lol that was more a problem with me stuffing it, not the machine itself. The little sewing machine did a great job with it's stitches. After several nights of use, the pillow is still lumpy but definitely holding strong.


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