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Brightivity™ Rechargeable Emergency Keychain Flashlight

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Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark, trying to find your keys or unlock your door? Introducing the Portable Keychain Light - the ultimate solution for illuminating your path and finding your way in any situation.

Brightivity™ Rechargeable Emergency Keychain Flashlight with COB lamp bead technology generates a maximum output of 800 Lumens, which is ideal for emergencies, jobs, hiking or the bottle you’re about to open with the built-in bottle opener.

A keychain light with a carabiner clip is a convenient and practical tool to have in your car or on your keychain. The carabiner clip allows you to easily attach the light to your keys, bag, or clothing, so it is always within reach when you need it most. 

Utilizing the magnet on the back can be extremely handy in a variety of situations. The magnet allows you to attach the light to metal surfaces, such as a car hood or the side of a toolbox, providing hands-free illumination while you work. 

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Customer Reviews

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Vanshika Sridharan

As someone who has found himself unexpected walking in darkness a few times over the last few years, I've often thought it would be wise to carry a flash light or light source with me. Nowadays a lot of folks may use their smart phones to produce light, but they aren't particularly bright to guide your way in darkness. These mini lights, on the other hand, provide great brightness in such a small package. The built in carabiner allows you to attach it to your keychain, or like me, attach it to the strap of your backpack. They are light and you won't even notice it there (but on your keychain, it might be a little bulky - but not bad). It takes up little space and provides great lighting when you need it, and fantastic in the event of an emergency.This set come with 2 mini keychain lights, a tri-pod stand, and a carrying bag. Each light itself has a stand that unfolds outward, and also a magnet on the back for extra versatility in where you place it. On top of all that, the kit includes a mini tripod to hold one of the lights up via a threaded socket at the bottom. They really thought of all the places you could put these lights.On either edge of the light, you have a power button that switches between 3 light modes (not sure why it says 4 in the title) - bright, less bright, and blinking. On the other edge is a USB-C port (protected with a rubber cover) that has an LED that will tell you when it's charging (RED) and when it's full (GREEN). Now, I have found that if you use USB-A to USB-C charging cables (like the one that comes with the kit) it will charge fine. However, I then tried USB-C to USB-C charging cables connected to a USB-C charging source and it did not work- no LED light. At first I thought it was the charging brick, but I tried PD charging in both USB-A and USB-C output, and only the USB-A output using the USB-A to USB-C charging cable (whether the one included or another one) worked. None of my USB-C to USB-C charging cables worked and I couldn't figure out if it's because the cable is wired differently (not sure why that would be the case) or if it's because the power sources I used with USB-C output just aren't compatible. So, keep this in mind when charging.Still, that's a minor item that's unlikely related to the lights themselves but rather the source of power and the intended us. If you use the included charging cable, you'll be fine. If you don't want to get caught in the dark unexpectedly but don't really want to carry a flashlight, consider these lights that can just hang on your bag. Or, they also simply work great as utility lights wherever you need extra lighting!

Sandra Garcia

The price seemed a bit much for a couple of key chain lights (I've gotten the dollar store lights that you squeeze to turn on), but these have a lot going on that make it worth the price! It's very versatile. It has a flip-out stand as well as a decent tripod stand. These features make it great to use for a project that needs focused lighting. it has a magnet on the back so I'm able to hang my keys on anything metal (this may not be possible if you have a lot of keys because of the weight, but it works for me). I like that it's rechargeable so I don't have to worry about changing batteries, which is annoying for small devices like these because they are usually specialty batteries...and who's got time to hunt those down!? The light is plenty bright, with a lower level of brightness as well. The light can also blink, but I'm not sure what that is for (strobe light for the kids?). The carabine clip makes it easy to attach to a key chain (you don't have to feed a key chain ring through it) or anything else you can hook it to. It comes with two charger cables and a bag to hold the lights and tripod, which is convenient. Oh, and I almost forgot the bottle opener! Never hurts to have one of those handy. What makes these really great are that they aren't just for use as a key chain light. If you don't have a use for them, they would definitely make a unique and practical gift.

Melissa D

Very bright, easy to use!!

Keisha walker

Small, looking good, it fits everywhere and it's excellent for the job it does.

Chris A

I don't know about the key chain aspect. It's bulky and awkward to fit into the pocket of my jeans, if you carry a bag or purse, then no worries. But...this thing is a brilliant work light and saved my night.My son needed help with his car and of course it's on a cold night, with heavy clouds so no moon or stars on a dark frigging county road. The alternator that he has in the trunk---waiting for that perfect time to replace it---is toast and my maglite is running out of juice. We are about to push the car further off the side of the side of the road and come back the next morning when I remember that I have this light in my car. So I give it a try---the adjustable tripod stand and 2 lights are actually better than having a drop light because it can get into tight places. Complete R&R of 1999 Camry on side of road courtesy of this light


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