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Astrology Zodiac Signs Dice Set

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Interested in Zodiac Signs? Use this Astrology Zodiac Signs Dice Set 

Each side of this black 12-sided die is marked with a different astrological symbol: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

When throwing the dice, focus on the subject of interest and roll the dice while allowing your intuition to guide you. When you are reading, it is helpful to read the planets with the situation at hand, the zodiac signs as to how the situation feels or the emotions involved, and the house as to what sphere of your life is being affected. However, that won’t always be the best way to read a spread, so allow yourself to play with the meanings until it makes sense to you. Remember that divination is all about your intuition.

Understanding the symbols on the dice can take a while to get the hang of, so we have provided you with a basic breakdown: 

The meaning of the houses (purple) 🟣​:

  1. This house represents your personal life; your appearance and your new beginnings. It also tells you to watch out for accidents.
  2. When this house shows up on the dice, it’s telling you to take a look at your finances. There may be lost or stolen objects. Your finances will change; this could be taken in a positive or negative way. Poverty or wealth, business transactions, and new material desires.
  3. This house represents siblings or people tied to you by blood and location. It also represents short journeys, small vacations, and travel. School, especially early education for children. You may be expecting emails, letters, or advice, although be cautious of gossip and rumors.
  4. The fourth house represents parents or people that act as parental figures. Domestic issues are at the heart of your question. There may be new land, real estate, or inheritances on the horizon. This house also represents the ending of any situation.
  5. The fifth house is about fertility, women, children, pregnancy, and fun. It represents creativity, water, rain, teaching, gambling, hobbies, and romance.
  6. This house deals with all things related to health, hygiene, daily routines, injuries, pets, and employees.
  7. This house is most concerned with close personal partnerships, referring to relationships and business. This house could refer to divorce, lawsuits, new contracts, rivalries, thieves, astrologists, or an unidentified person that could become a new partnership.
  8. This house represents death and therefore leads to transformations. It could mean literal death or even birth. It also represents the occult, taxes, debts, mortgages and loans, legacies, inheritances, investigations, suffering, dangers, and corporate money.
  9. The ninth house deals with journeys and long-distance travel. It also represents religion, philosophy, education, lawyers, dreams, divination, wisdom, the arts, media, and publishing.
  10. This house looks at your kingdom: your career, your success, your fortune. It also created concern with the environment and weather, as well as reputation and glory.
  11. Good fortune comes with this house. It signals friends, those who may help you, protection, riches, gifts, joy, renewed hope, praise, and group activities.
  12. This house represents imprisonment. Loss, grief, enemies, and solitude follow it. It represents death, fear, secrets, suffering, things that are hidden; our deepest thoughts, suicide, murder, and addictions.

The meaning of the astrological signs (green)🟢​:

  1. Aries: Impulsivity, competition, letting go, intense reactions and situations.
  2. Taurus: Sensitivity, hurt feelings, emotional responses, holding grudges.
  3. Gemini: Duality, mischievousness, emotions over rationality, cleverness, curiosity.
  4. Cancer: Deep emotions, lost friendships, loyalty, nurturing.
  5. Leo: Confidence, stamina, leadership, pride, being the center of attention.
  6. Virgo: Rationality, solitude, pickiness, overly critical, striving for more than you can handle.
  7. Libra: Balance, harmony, or the need to find harmony in a situation that is out of control.
  8. Scorpio: Transformation, truth, honesty, hidden emotions, a need for power.
  9. Sagittarius: Adventure, seeking truth, positivity, optimism, a need for relaxation.
  10. Capricorn: Controlling, possessiveness, business matters, barriers between people.
  11. Aquarius: Anxiety, unpredictable future, a need for communication, introspection.
  12. Pisces: Compassion, escapism, innocence, a person in your life may be acting dishonestly.

The meaning of the planets (blue)🔵​:

  1. The Sun: The ego, your most basic self, consciousness, vitality, stamina, and creation.
  2. The Moon: Emotions, instincts. habits, moods, and the unconscious.
  3. Mercury: The mind, communication, intelligence, reason, and language.
  4. Venus: Love, attraction, relationships, art, beauty, and harmony.
  5. Mars: Aggression, sex, action, desire, courage, passion, and competition.
  6. Jupiter: Growth, hope, expansion, luck, abundance, optimism, and understanding.
  7. Saturn: Discipline, responsibility, ambition, obligation, law, and structure.
  8. Uranus: Inspiration, change, eccentricity, chaos, rebellion, and reformation.
  9. Neptune: Mysticism, dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, imagination, and delusions.
  10. Pluto: Transformation, power, death, rebirth, and evolution.
  11. The North Node of the Moon: Lessons that must be learned, fear of the unknown, fate, and the path forward.
  12. The South Node of the Moon: The past, karmic baggage, and the path you have followed until now.



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