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Ion Clean Air Purifier

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Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

This Ion Clean Air Purifier uses ozone to purify the air you breathe in your car, removing 99.99% of foul odors, allergens, and disease-causing bacteria.

Your car will smell fresh, and all you will need to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter!

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How? Plug the device into your car's cigarette lighter socket. Turn on your car. The device will light up blue and the Ozonator will be purifying the air.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I got this today and started using it immediately for an old smokey car. I could tell it was helping already just going on a couple quick errands. It seems like it is very sturdy so I am glad I did not get a cheapie version somewhere else. The charger cords are not super long but are nice to have for different types of phones in a pinch. I have an old sedan so I must use a longer, separate charger for my phone sobot doesn't hang...but the cords would be fine in most cars it seems. There was also a nice smelling hanging air freshener included which I will enjoy once the smoke smell is reduced. I am glad I got this instead of just spraying chemicals that just end up smelling like smoke and flowers for a bit but don't solve the problem. I will be getting one for the other car soon so it doesn't get "borrowed" ;)


Just looking around at car fresheners and came across some of these. But I guess what made me purchase this brand over the others was what it was made of (metal) and the fast charging port. The three-way cable was a nice touch as well.I plugged this in and although you can't hear it working, I could tell that it was. I drive for one of the ride-share companies and the first night I had this plugged in I picked up a rider that seemed to have the distinct smell of weed on him. The last thing I want is to do him off and then pick up a new passenger and have the car smell of pot and have the rider think it's me.Well this little gizmo got rid of that smell in short order. It also doesn't seem to take away the scent of my air freshener (very good). I didn't use the one that came with this unit (which I did like, a kind of citrus scent).There is suppossed to be a fast charging port, but I couldn't tell which one it was after plugging my phone into both ports and getting the same time to a full charge.There were a couple of things that could've affected this outcome.1. I didn't use the cables provided.It's a cool idea, but they're too short to be of any real practical use being about 8", see attached picture.2. My phone already has the Type C port so I don't know if I was already at maximum charging speed and therefore it would show the same time on either port.While I had planned on writing a review of this product once given a chance to thoroughly use it, I have been getting emails from the company asking for review since I've had it for "X" number of days.I really hate to be pestered to write a review. I prefer to take my time, use the item for a bit, see how it performs for a few weeks before jumping on here and leaving a review that may turn out to be inaccurate.I did remove a star from the durability because the end piece, that is silver, is made of plastic and could probable break if given a good thump with a bottle.I Bought one for my friend, but she says that it doesn't seem to charge her iPhone as fast as her previous charger. I'm not sure what her charger is or if she's using the dedicated 3.0 port.


I bought this for a road trip in the car of a smoker. I gave it to the owner a couple of weeks in advance, and she ran it during that time. I noticed a tremendous difference the first time I entered the car...I was not knocked down by the smoke odor. Then, we ran it during the trip. Each time she smoked a cigarette, it was only a few seconds before the smoke odor was gone. Having the USB ports on the device also made charging phones very convenient. We had a very pleasant trip, and I would highly recommend the device.

Michelle Obama

After ordering a couple of different brands, some of which were fake and some that were nothing more than a glorified led, I was just about to give up when I randomly came across this little gem. It's no exaggeration when I say I've spent about a year of religiously detailing my truck in attempts of getting rid of a smell I couldn't ever seem to get used to or even learn to ignore when it took merely 3 days to rid the previous owners "stink foot" smell to only a faint memory. I was blown away, I stopped loading my diffuser with oils and spent the next few days on a mission for even a tiny snippet of that wet cigar smell and found no trace. This purifier still feels too good to be true. It's been plugged in for about two months straight since purchase, so I honestly can't determine if the smell will return if I were to stop using this mini ozone nuclear reactor. What I will tell you is that it only takes one close whiff to know it's the real deal or you'll finally catch your first whiff of magic that is ozone.


I installed in my new sequoia. It works great. Any smell in the car will take away within a small time. If you make smell when you drive (you know what i mean :) ), that will take out as well.My new car has the original leather smell, but within 20-30 seconds, i don't fell any smell after after i start the vehicle with this device plugged in. I recommend to others.


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