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130W Wall PD Charger Super GaN Fast Charger

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Power-Up Your Productivity 

The ultimate 130W Wall PD Charger Super GaN Fast Charger comes with all the bells and whistles to ensure productivity anywhere you go.

Designed for iPhone, Macbook Air, and Samsung Phones, this golf ball size charger delivers 50% more power than a 20W faster charger on the market.

This compact charger can charge a regular laptop and mobile devices at the same time.

Designed for professionals who need more than 100W power and modern USB C PD 100W capability.

Replacing bulky power bricks, this multi-function charger allows gamers to take their games to any location.

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Customer Reviews

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Because I have this power adapter, I no longer have to move my devices around in order to charge them. Using this adaptor, I was able to create a charging station that could accommodate my phone, tablet, and headphones, all of which could be powered by a single charger. This adapter has a plug that can be directly connected into the wall, and it also comes with a cable that can be used with it. This gives me a great deal of flexibility in how I can use it. This is one of the things that I thought was really cool about it. I was able to prop it up on my nightstand by plugging the wire into the power socket that is conveniently located next to my bed. Because the power adapter has such a high capacity for electricity, it enables both my phone and my tablet to receive a rapid charge at the same time. Because it has three USB-C connections and one USB 3.0 port, I was able to set up my charging station without having to purchase any additional cables because it was so simple to discover cables that were compatible with it. By eliminating the need for a power strip and individual power bricks, my charging station frees up a significant amount of room on my wall outlet. To charge all of my devices with a minimal amount of space required, all I needed was a single outlet and this power adapter.


This is compact wall charging block with foldable wall plug and it has 3 USB-C PD ports and 1 USB-A QC3.0 port, which all support 30W to 100W output for fast charging and to support smartphone to tablet to a laptop. All 4 ports can be used to charge up to 4 devices with total output of 130W.The top 2 USB-C PD ports can output 100W when only one of them is used along with one of bottom ports, which can output up to 30W. If you just use both USB-C PD ports on top then it will split the output in half to 65W each, which is good enough to charge most laptops and MacBooks. With it compact size and foldable wall plug, it makes it easy to pack and carry but it also comes with extension cable to plug into the wall in case the wall plug is away from your desk or charging devices. I had no problem charging my MacBook Pro, iPhones, and iPads. Very happy with this purchase.

Brady Report

The design of these is great. Use the included cord or take just the main plug. Easily fits in a bag for work, gives you multiple ports to plug in devices. I power a MacBook Pro or my Dell i9 laptop without any issues. Great buy.


 The charger has been great from the go for my laptop. It’s really hard to charge my laptop everywhere that I go but with this I’m able to bring it all over with me. And I’m still able to charge different devices at the same time. I love having three different USB ports with this it makes things really convenient. I’m able to charge everything from my phone to my AirPods which is awesome. This is super easy to transport because of the size I can just throw in any of my bags or just keep it at home with me. This is also great for when I’m at home and numerous people and my family need to charge a device we can all charge on here. I love that this has USB is really unique compared to other chargers and it charges really well. This charges all my devices super fast and they all are able to hold a really good charge with it. This has been super convenient and has help me out a lot with me able to charge my devices. I have loved having his charger and it is definitely worth the price. I would highly recommend this charger!

J. Warren

This seems like a good charger. It’s got many ports and can charge a variety of devices at once. This will be great for when I need to charge my iPhone and my kids tablets.Overall it seems nice. Folds up well which is great for traveling. I like this and think it’ll be really useful


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  • Anxiety is a feeling of unease or worry that often comes from deep-seated fears. Over 40 million people in the United States struggle with Anxiety disorder, and around 1 in 3 people will deal with it at some point in their life.

    Our mission is to normalize anxiety and conversations about it, and to give people the tools to get through it.

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Our Mission Is Normalizing Mental Health

Started by psychologists, we want to see a world where conversations about mental health and anxiety are normalized.

The fact is, it's a process. And that one night of journaling, or making a candle, or doing aerial yoga can make a huge difference to how one feels.

At Anxiety Stone, you will find such tools, that may seem silly at first glance, but can have a profound effect when seen from the perspective of self-love.