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Snowflake Building Blocks (100pcs/lot)

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Let us have fun!

Our Snowflake Building Blocks (100pcs/lot) can be easily combined into any shape to explore their limitless imagination, such as flowers, animals, cars, buildings, worlds, etc. 

In the initial stage, you can refer to the drawings to stitch different shapes.

The interlocking building blocks help children Improve their science, technology, engineering, and math skills, develop fine motor development, artistic cognition, hands-on ability, imagination, and creativity.

The manipulatives interlocking disc play set is made of high-quality ABS that is free of BPA, lead, heavy metals, and phthalates, non-toxic and harmless, and safe for children. Sturdy and strong provides a long service life.

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The Snowflake Building Blocks are suitable for kids over 3 years old in collaborative group activities or school classrooms, kindergarten, indoor, outdoor, and home. 

Some amazing things you can do with Snowflake Blocks:


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Customer Reviews

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Fine motor strength skills are needed to snap them together. 5 yo had to initially focus on how they snapped together. 3 yo gave up and asked Gm to connect when hers didn’t connect properly. Grandkids still enjoyed and I’m sure they will grow into them. I envision lots of creative builds in the future. I even bought a set to keep at grandma/grandpas. If your child can’t snap them together (3 yo) they are great for sorting, patterns, color identification, stacking and handing them (fine motor) to grandma to build as they share their vision. 5 yo, aunts & uncles sure had fun showing their creative masterpieces.


We bought these for my daughter when she was 4. She's 7 now and these are by far the most played with and longest lasting toy we have ever bought. Both kids still play with them regularly three years later. They are all over our house, in random drawers, etc, but 500 pieces was enough that even though they have lost many of them, they are still able to make a flower or dinosaur or x-wing fighter whenever they feel like it.They are quiet, sturdy, and fun.Buy them. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Such a hit with the kids! Great interactive toy with bonus of bright stimulating colors too! My grandson just loved it; he is seven years old and played with it for hours!!! I am older than 7; and we both enjoyed & created with it for hours!!I kind of fell in love with it because of the possibilities of what you could craft, & the bright colors ...and endless options! Cleans up like a breeze!!! I liked the tactile quality of the pieces ....Grandson and I both were very impressed with ourselves ( LOL) !Great purchase!Highly recommend.


Bought these as a Christmas gift but today was the first time I had been home to see if the child played with them.Three kids, ages about ten, six, and four, all building stuff from the same jar of pieces. The five year old girl made a bridal bouquet! The ten year old boy made a snowflake, then when one white piece short, rerihhed to make a snowflake with a blue center. Eventually that became a carousel. The four year old boy made a bubble wand, then a motorcycle.Most amazing, there were enough pieces to build all this and keep building!Most impirtantly, they played quietly, encouraged one another, helped each other. No fussing, no fighting.I am back to order more!


Not only does my 5 year old granddaughter love to build with these Brain Flakes, but all the adults who see the jar can't resist also building with the pieces. It encourages creativity, imagination and planning, and my granddaughter can work for hours with the pieces. You can see in the picture what she built the first time she opened the jar. In addition, there was an issue with the item when I received it and the company was extremely responsive in fixing the problem. I am very pleased with this purchase as well as with the company. UPDATE: I bought this over two years ago. After not playing with it for a while, my granddaughter rediscovered it at age 7 and immediately began creating buildings and various other structures in a fury of creativity. She again is having lots of fun with this wonderful set. I think it is a great choice for any age child. Still very glad I purchased Brain Flakes!


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  • Anxiety is a feeling of unease or worry that often comes from deep-seated fears. Over 40 million people in the United States struggle with Anxiety disorder, and around 1 in 3 people will deal with it at some point in their life.

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